Plan it

Think about what you want to say before making your video. The time limit for videos is one minute or less, which is not very long. Try scribbling down a couple notes on the main things you want to say, or write it all out! A little pre-planning will make you feel more comfortable as you tell your story.

Try to incorporate the question into your answer, so viewers know what you're talking about. For example, let's say the question is: What is your favorite color? Try to respond with: My favorite color is purple! instead of just: Purple! 

When you just say purple, we don't know what you're talking about.

Flip it

Film your video in landscape mode, not portrait. That means you are flipping your phone or tablet to the side.

Frame it

Frame your video with your head and shoulders showing, like a passport or driver's license photo. It may be easiest to use the forward facing camera. If you wish to submit anonymously, try filming your hands instead.

Try to find a quiet space so we can hear you clearly, and look for a simple background, like an empty wall. We want people to pay attention to your words, not whatever is going on behind you.

Tell your story! We encourage you to answer as honestly as you can, within your comfort levels. We will not accept or publish any submissions containing hateful or derogatory speech. 

Say it

Please try to keep the length of your videos to one minute or less. If you absolutely can't squeeze it all in, try splitting it into two parts, one minute each.

Time it

Email your video to


Post your video on Instagram and tag @ourstoriesouselves / #ourstoriesourselves. We will repost it!

Submit it