We believe that stories have tremendous power. For the storyteller, who gives voice to a thought or a feeling, it allows her to take ownership over her own story, in her own words. For the listener, this small glimpse into someone else’s life can create a feeling of connection or empathy, a sense that we are not so different from one another after all--that despite our diverse backgrounds or ideological differences, we may have more in common than we think. We all have hopes, dreams, loves, fears, and we are all brave in our own way.

Our Stories, Ourselves is a safe, moderated, non-partisan space for women to share their experiences. We hope it will provide empowerment and freedom to the women that share their stories, and points of connection or solace for those that listen. Unedited user-submitted videos will be posted to our Instagram and Tumblr on a rolling basis over the course of each week. Our goal is to create a safe space for women to express themselves, and we will moderate comments accordingly.

Meet Your Moderators

Myla Dalbesio is an American artist and model from Racine, Wisconsin, currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Her art, in reflection of her modeling work, focuses on women, their relationships with their bodies, and their roles in society. 

Jayne Johnson currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. For more than a decade, she has worked with international artists, galleries, art fairs and museums as a gallerist, curator and artist advocate. Her passion for women's rights has motivated her to embark on this project.